Urban Nutrition

Starting a new business can be tough launching any new start-up is a difficult thing to get moving. Urban Nutrition are a health food brand from Scarborough offering tasty meals online for either home or national delivery. To launch their new brand they needed a site that was going to set them apart from the pack and provider their users with the best experience possible.

We started with a vanilla wordpress and woo commerce install. This would give them a solid base to work from. Theres tons of information online about how to use these CMS systems so they will be able to simply and easily manage their products.

On top of this we built a custom checkout system so their customers could have the smoothest process possible and make sure they have return customers. A custom delivery system so they can pick and choose days and times they can have local deliveries. This enables them to be reactive to whatever happens within their business. Bundle deals to give their customers the most choice and to make sure they have return customers.