The Pony Racing Authority

The Pony Racing Authority manages all pony races for under sixteens in the UK. They required us to build a new site that they could manage their races but also allow them to have memberships and automatically calculate all theirs rankings. This is a large scale site with hundreds of people using and managing information. It had to be secure enough to manage all these changes but flexible enough that they can add new listings quickly and easily.

We started with a vanilla WordPress install and then created custom plugins to add in the functionality they required. These included

  • Membership management
  • Complex uploaders to manage user account information
  • Race creation and rider management systems to assign riders to races
  • Pony management system
  • Ability for users to enter and manage races
  • Automated rankings to show a current yearly leader board
  • Custom admin screens 

The theme for the site was a full custom build built from scratch and fully tested in all major desktop and mobile browsers. We worked closely with the design studio kovic creative to provide the highest quality web performamnce possible