You've spent money having a new site designed, in order to give your users the best possible experience. You've worked with Nymble and had a site built using the best techniques available for your project. Now you need hosting. 

Not any hosting though, you need a site that will run quickly, be secure and have the best uptime possible. No matter how well your site's been designed and built, if you're not using a great host it will affect your users.

Don't fall at the last hurdle, let Nymble help you provide the best hosting solution for your needs.


“53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load”

— Google





Perfect for smaller sites that need to get moving. Get yourself online with our great support

Webspace 2 GB
Bandwidth 1 GB
MySQL Databases 1
Subdomains 0

Yearly cost £60

Monthly £6



Our most popular package giving your site or e-commerce store all the power it needs

Webspace 10 GB
Bandwidth 10 GB
MySQL Databases 2
Subdomains 3

Yearly cost £120

Monthly £12



You've grown your site but you need to take things to the next level  

Webspace 100 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
MySQL Databases 10
Subdomains unlimited

Yearly cost £1200

Monthly £120


Managing and Monitoring

Keeping your site in tip top health can be a job all to its self. Making sure all the plugins are up to date, all the links are working correctly and users are getting their best experience possible are all the things that can make or break a site. These care-taking tasks can be very time consuming and can pull you away from doing the important stuff like selling to your clients or building your brand. After listening to our clients we have developed the ultimate care taking package allowing you to not worry about whats going on with your site and get on with the important things.


Plugin management your site is always up to date

Regular testing for any site wide vulnerabilities

Broken link checker

Scanning for any malware before Google de-indexes your site

Google page speed checker, Analytics and webmaster tools to make sure your site is functioning properly in the biggest search engine on the planet

Scheduled cloud backups to make sure your site is always safe even if the worst happens

On top of this we'll send you a monthly report on how your sites faired and what we've been doing to improve your site.


Yearly cost £150

Monthly cost £15