Cornwall Link


Working alongside with Made Open and Age Uk we helped add new functionality to the existing community website. Age UK are wanting to streamline their services and take some of the work that is currently done through call centres and bring it online. To this end we designed and built a listings section so that community leaders could add new classes and projects for older people enabling greater ease of discovery of local services. Then we created a customisable questionnaire to help them filter people through quicker and suggest services that they may find useful. For example if a relative is suffering from dementia it can suggest local community groups to provide support.

To do this we created a custom WordPress plugin using taxonomies to link together certain classes but also giving advice on how to care for elderly relatives. The services can then be saved to a account or in the short term to local storage so a user doesn't have to sign up. The questionnaire is fully manageable and extendable through the WordPress CMS enabling the client to quickly customise and include new services quickly and easily.