Introducing DRY WP

Have you ever found yourself writing the same piece of code again and again when building a WordPress theme?

So did we, until we worked on making our development process as DRY as possible. Now we've got that process down to a tee, we want to share it with the world.

We are proud to introduce DRY WP, an online course that will teach you the processes that we use internally to develop WordPress themes quickly and efficiently, without compromising on code quality.

DRY WP is all about helping other agencies and developers to speed up their theme development by using a DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) methodology. Based around template parts, which we call blocks, DRY WP will show you how we construct these to be as flexible as possible whilst saving everyone as much time as it can.

As well as templating, we'll also cover how we organise our admin fields so that we can re-use them alongside our blocks, meaning less hassle when re-arranging or updating a template on the admin side of things.

The course doesn't tell you that you need to use a certain starter theme or a new framework. Instead, we will introduce you to the methodology behind re-using template parts, how you can fit that into your current workflow and how adopting this methodology can make your life easier as a developer. 

Following this methodology will help you build themes in less time and with less effort, ultimately meaning you can make more money!

Check out DRY WP now for more information on the course and let us help you.

Daryll DoyleComment